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Ayuda, eutanasia a un pez

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How Pandora Is Beating Apple’s iTunes Radio | Daily Ticker

Mensaje por Invitado el Vie Nov 15, 2013 11:20 pm

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How Pandora Is Beating Apple’s iTunes Radio By Aaron Pressman

Aaron Pressman

Posts Email By Aaron Pressman | Daily Ticker  –  Wed, Nov 13, 2013 10:22 AM EST
When rumors of Apple’s ( AAPL ) online radio service first leaked last year, shares of market leader Pandora Media ( P ) took a dive. But the reality of Apple’s iTunes Radio has been much less damaging for Pandora, at least so far. Pandora shares hit a new all-time high of $28.36 during trading on Nov. 12 before closing at $28.24. With all of Apple’s popularity and marketing might, how can that be?

iTunes Radio is attracting mostly less valuable, casual listeners

Online radio, like regular terrestrial radio, is mainly an advertising play. And that means the more hours a user listens, the more valuable that user is to Pandora. So it’s good news for the company and its shareholders that the audience for iTunes radio appears to be drawn mainly from the more casual segment of the audience.

pandora outlet Related: Invest in Twitter? Don’t Even Think About It: Blodget

buy pandora jewellry Apple has said 20 million customers listened to 1 billion hours of music in the first month after its new service went online. After modeling the growth rate in iTunes Radio usage, analyst Sameet Sinha at B. Riley & Co. estimates each user tuned in for about 9.5 minutes per day. Pandora listeners average 38.5 minutes, Sinha estimates.

pandora “Our analysis indicates that even early adopters and Apple fans are not engaging with iTunes Radio at high levels,” Sinha wrote in a recent research report.

pandora outlet Related: Is Apple Plotting Against Your Old iPhone to Make You Buy a New One?

buy pandora jewellry Pandora’s most recent monthly listener report showed the number of active users declined to 70.9 million in October from 72.7 million in September. But the number of hours listened rose to 1.47 billion from 1.36 billion. A million or two listeners may have defected but they weren’t listening that much, as the total number of hours still increased.

Pandora’s apps have superior playlist making talent

One reason that hardcore Pandora listeners have not defected could be due to the company’s proprietary system for choosing which tracks to play. Pandora’s algorithm combines information about what music customers liked (the common “people who liked this also liked that” formula) with data analyzing the musical characteristics of different songs. The combination makes for more appealing playlist recommendations.

Pandora’s strength shows up in customer satisfaction surveys, Paul Verna, senior analyst at eMarketer, notes. “Even for a company like Apple, it’s a much higher mountain to climb if customers are satisfied with what they already have,” he says.

Apple hasn’t said exactly how its music selection algorithm works. And the company's last escapade to aid music selection in iTunes was left to wither and die. Apple does have the advantage of a much larger catalog of music to draw from than Pandora but thus far that doesn’t appear to have lured away many Pandora users.

People don’t want to own all their favorite song anymore

One of iTunes Radio’s cool features is a button that lets listeners buy any track they hear from Apple’s iTunes store with just a click. But listeners are increasingly less interested in buying and owning their favorite music. Sales of digital singles dropped 6% in the third quarter from last year and are down 3% for 2013 so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Meanwhile streaming volume is up 24%.

“Young people today don’t buy music anymore,” says Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst at Wedge Partners. The iTunes Radio app “is so predicated on trying to get people to buy more music.”

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What It's Like To Follow Beauty Advice From The '50s

Mensaje por Invitado el Vie Nov 15, 2013 11:20 pm

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Beauty Advice
Health & beauty
What It's Like To Follow Beauty Advice From The '50s
One teenage girl finds out

November 08, 2013  |   by  Melissa Muller  |  COMMENT

How cute is this: After Texas teenager Maya Van Wagenen wrote a memoir chronicling her time following the advice of the 1958 book "Betty Cornell's Teen-Age Popularity Guide" (and got a movie deal_, New York City teen Ella Epstein thought she'd give the guide a try, too. Epstein followed the guide's beauty, fashion, and exercise advice for a week to see what it might be like to live like a 1950s teen.

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Cornell wrote advice on everything from hair to makeup to exercise. "Beautiful hair is about the most important thing a girl has," noted Cornell. And according to Cornell, it only needs to be washed once a week, but brushed 100 times a night (which yes, sounds insane).

Epstein exercising at home.
But while teens were encouraged to skip hair-washing, they were told to spend more time on their skin care routine. Cornell advised teens to wash with hot water, scrub with soap for two minutes, and use ice cubes -- yes, ice cubes -- to wash off the suds.

RELATED: The Total Beauty Makeup Guide

And exercising? Ms. Cornell advises women go for a "well-developed, well-proportioned figure, straight shoulders, small waist and hips, well-shaped legs and thin ankles, so you too can stand up -- smile and be proud." But nothing too strenuous, of course.

So after a week of '50s living, was Epstein sold on Cornell's way of life? "Although I wondered how this lifestyle could possibly make anyone more popular," she writes, "I did feel a lot more elegant, composed and energized by the end of the week." So all in all, not a total loss -- though we'd certainly miss our cell phones. [New York Post]

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Home » Beauty Tips » Health & beauty » What It's Like To Follow Beauty Advice From The '50s

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Will Omega Protein Corporation (OME) Continue to Surge Higher?

Mensaje por Invitado el Vie Nov 15, 2013 11:21 pm


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Will Omega Protein Corporation (OME) Continue to Surge Higher?
By Zacks Equity Research
November 12, 2013 6:55 AM
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As of late, it has definitely been a great time to be an investor in Omega Protein Corporation ( OME ) . watches The stock has moved higher by 9.7% in the past month, while it is also above its 20 Day SMA too. omegawatches This combination of strong price performance and favorable technical, could suggest that the stock may be on the right path. omegawatches We certainly think that this might be the case, particularly if you consider OME’s recent earnings estimate revision activity. copy omega watches From this look, the company’s future is quite favorable; as OME has earned itself a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) , meaning that its recent run may continue for a bit longer, and that this isn’t the top for the in-focus company. cheap watches OMEGA PROTEIN CORP (OME): Free Stock Analysis Report Zacks Investment Research Finance Investment & Company Information

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Re: Ayuda, eutanasia a un pez

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